Ride your bike and feed America's kids

Flex Races : Virtual Run and Cycling Events

A Flex Race is…

a virtual race, or better said – a virtual run or ride (it’s not really a ‘race’), that is designed to be done any time, any place, and at your own pace.

Fun & Motivation

A Flex Race is an ideal way to keep you motivated and help you set goals for personal fitness. No judgement. No pressure. Just fun.


A Flex Race is also a fantastic way to help raise funds for good causes. A Flex Race is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Great Bling

One of the fun things about a Flex Race is the great bling you can earn. Collect custom medals and pins for your accomplishments!

For Kids & Adults

Get kids started on a lifetime of fitness! Our events are specifically kid friendly, with short achievable distances.

We call our virtual events “Flex Races” because they offer participants the flexibility to participate anywhere, at any time, and at any speed. There is no crowded starting line. There is no need to travel. There is no need to make your run or ride anything but what you want it to be.

Current and Upcoming Virtual Events…

Virtual bicycle ride to feed America's hungry kids

Keep on Running…

Kids RUN! How to Get Kids Interested in Running
Kids RUN! How to Get Kids Interested in Running
Kids naturally love to run, as well as skip, hop, dance and turn somersaults. Parents can turn their natural exuberance and need to move into a lifelong enjoying of running by making it fun....

Some Flex Race FAQs

  • Same distances as live events, but a fraction of the cost.
  • No travel. No hotels. No lines. No crowds.
  • Participate when YOUR schedule allows.
  • Set and reach new goals without pressure.
  • Motivate friends and family to join you.
  • Run or ride in a NEW location of your choosing.
  • TAKE pride in your fitness.

The short answer is that you don’t. Flex Races are not designed to have a “winner” in terms of race times. While there will be a person listed at the top of the results list due to the shortest time to complete the event, we do not consider them the winner. They are simply the person who submitted the shortest time.
Yes, you will want to submit your event time to us here. Once we receive your time we will prepare your medal for shipment.
96.5% of your entry fee goes into our Flex Races Charities account for distribution. The remaining 3.5% is spent on processing the transaction (i.e. credit card fees).  All net proceeds deposited into the Charities account are marked and processed for distribution to the charity or organization supported by each applicable event.  Flex Races, LLC is a volunteer organization – meaning we who run it do so as volunteers. However, certain overhead expenses to occur – such as costs for medals, bibs, postage, website expenses, and the like. These costs are well below the overall amount that we donate.